Wound Healing Secrets

Are you or a friend/family member one of the nearly 7 million Americans with a non-healing wound? If you or someone you know has a wound and have been struggling to heal while suffering from pain and debilitation, we’re going to tell you how to reclaim your life.

This book details information on non-healing wounds, case studies and data on how previous patients’ experiences can positively impact your recovery, a discussion about specialty wound care, conversations about new and exciting healing therapies, and more.

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We specialize in chronic wound care and healing using a variety of methods our practice has shown effective. We have taken care of thousands of patients with chronic wounds, and because of each of our own unique expertise and experience, we have developed a unique approach that combines many facets of medicine.


We strive to serve anyone and everyone who can benefit from our expertise.  We are located in northern California, but our audience reaches far beyond that.

With an emphasis on mutual trust and respect, we run our practice with a professionalism that makes excellence a standard, not a goal.


We have a combined 40 years experience and are familiar with most modern medicine practices.  We elect to use natural, alternative medicine where possible to ensure holistic healing rather than simply treating symptoms.

Tailored Treatment

We recognize that all injury situations are unique, but they all share a common theme: healing a wound is about more than just physical recovery – it’s about healing your life.  We understand that each patient has unique needs and tailor our treatments you as an individual.